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  • What should I wear?
    Wear whatever you're comfortable in. Things are pretty casual around here. You'll see anything from shorts to khakis, flip flops to heels, and Eagles jerseys to shirt and tie.
  • What do you do in your worship service?
    In its simplest explanation, we sing, pray, give, and learn. We are a singing faith In the examples we see from the Bible, the people of God sang to praise God for who He is, to lament and grieve their sin and the ways the world around them was not as God intended, in yearning for hope, and in celebration of the victory over death found in Jesus. So we sing, too. Our worship time includes both newer music and traditional hymns in a contemporary sound. We are a prayerful people. The prayer in our worship service acknowledges the presence, provision, and power of God and that in every way we are dependent on Him. We are a giving church. We believe all that we have is from God. To give back a portion of our income is first, an act of obedience (to the instructions and model of biblical giving), and second, an act of faith (that God will continue to supply our needs). We are never done learning. Our weekly messages from the Word of God are both biblically rooted and practical to our daily lives. We think the character and promises of God are an integral part of our growth as His followers. We think if we want to look, sound, and act more like Jesus, then personal study and being taught from His Word is a great place to start.
  • What is offered for my kids?
    Our Kingdom Kids program meets from 10:45-11:45 AM during our Worship Service. Children from 0-2 are cared for in our Nursery. Children from 2 through K have their own class in Room 207. Grades 1-6 meet in the Gym. All of our volunteers working with your kids have passed PA state background checks and are CPR certified.
  • Am I supposed to give during the offering?
    Giving in biblical obedience to the work of God through our church is a commitment made by our church members and strongly encouraged of our regular attenders. If you are visiting with us as our guest, you are in no way obligated to give.

what we're about

What We're About

What We Believe

Authority of Scripture

The Bible is the inerrant inspired Word of God and the final authority for faith and life.

The Godhead

There is one true and living God, eternally existent in three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). He is co-eternal in being, co-equal in power and glory, and each person of the Trinity has the same attributes and perfections.


Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the only Son of God. He became man (without ceasing to be God) in order that He might reveal God and redeem sinful men. In his death on a cross as a substitutionary sacrifice he accomplished our redemption and ensured our justification by His physical resurrection from the dead. Afterwards, he ascended to heaven where as our High Priest He fulfills the ministry of representative, intercessor, and advocate. In a future time of God’s choosing, Christ will return personally and bodily to receive his own.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He convicts the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment. He is the supernatural agent in regeneration, baptizing all believers into the body of Christ, indwelling them,  and sealing them until the day of redemption. The Holy Spirit is the divine teacher who guides believers into all truth and it is the privilege of all believers to be filled with the Spirit upon salvation through Christ.


Man was created in the image and likeness of God, but that in Adam’s sin the human race fell, inherited a sinful nature and became separated from God, and of himself is totally unable to remedy his lost condition.


Salvation is the gift of God brought to man by grace and received by personal faith in Jesus Christ, whose blood was shed for the forgiveness of our sins.


Satan is a real, personal spiritual being, the author of sin and cause of the fall. He is the open and declared enemy of God and man. 

The Church 

The Church, which is the body and bride of Christ, is a spiritual organism made up of all believers. The establishment and continuance of the local church is taught and defined in Scripture as a body of born-again believers associated together for worship, fellowship, service, and the spread of the gospel. The ordinances of Communion and water baptism are scriptural means of memorial and testimony for the church. Communion was instituted by Jesus Christ for believers to commemorate His death until He returns. Water baptism serves as a testimony portraying the union of a believer with Jesus Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection. 

Church Constitution
What We Believe

our team

Rob Lyons-circle cropped.png
Rob Lyons

Lead Teaching Pastor

After leading teen ministry at GBC for a number of years, Rob became our lead pastor in April 2022.  ...

Jim Garcia

Pastor of Care Ministry

Jim’s primary role is pastoral care. He invests time in the hurting, helpless, and hungry through relationships...

John Kless

Pastor - Admin & Missions

After more than 42 years as Lead Pastor, John has retired to a part time role to help Rob with the many duties of ministry. ...

Our Team
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